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King Jus Wurk: Hip Hop Artist from Redhook, Brooklyn becoming an Indie celebrity in Orlando, Florida

Frank Monroe, help who goes by the alias Khing Wurk, look is a hip hop artist from Redhook, Brooklyn and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Khing contributes his motivation and drive with his music to his difficult times of moving around as a child and growing up. He is a student at Full Sail University where he studies business entertainment and will graduate with a B.S. in early 2016. While obtaining his degree, Khing has continued following his aspirations as an artist. Music saved his life and kept him off the streets. Khing is a man with dreams and will stop at nothing to achieve his desires. Khing Wurk is not just an artist but an educated businessman. He has already released and has been featured on multiple mix tapes all while planning his next move in the industry.


Keep Getting Money

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Youtube Video: I Am (Wurk)

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