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Please contact us directly at to inquire about advertising on BlackLight Talent Management Magazine ™

Sponsored Posts/Reviews

A sponsored post should be written about related topic that is a good fit for BLTM magazine! The sponsored posts should always be an original post in your own words BLTM guidelines they will will be labeled as sponsored.  If you would like us to write a sponsor post for your brand please let us know and make sure you have all materials available for us.

Sponsoring a post enables the sponsor to ensure that your content is featured on our site in your time frame.

Prices for sponsored posts for posts start at $50, cheap please email  to discuss this option further.

We do not accept products from direct sales reps for review.

All sponsored post does not come with any ads

Sponsored Video Review: We will post a review of your product under our review page for $100 if you would like to make it a sponsored it will be $150. Additional exposure on our social media channels can be added for free.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are available above the fold and  below the fold. Ad rotation is an option.  Our banner ads are images ads only. Payment must be made in full before the ad can be run and must be  Fashion and entertainment related.

1 month: above the fold $40, view below the fold $25
3 months: above the fold $80,  below the fold $50
6 months:  above the fold $290, below the fold $150



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