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Deadpool – Movies 2016

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“Thats because it christmas and Im after someone on my naught list” -Dead pool


We just love Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, so we can be sure without even watching the movie trailer, that he will be loved as DeadPool in the new movie Deadpool with out a doubt! We like the fact that he also makes joke about his role as the Green Lantern.  So what is the movie Deadpool about? Well unless you been hiding under a rock you should have some kind of clue, if not then you can go to our favorite source for new movie trailers, which is The Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailers channel or you can keep reading so you don’t have to open a new tab and deal with all that mess.


This s a story about a former Special Forces operative, Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds, who been experimented on and left with healing powers ends up developing an alter ego. Yup thats right the alter ego of Deadpool, which has a personality of a twisted dark sense of humor. When he finds out about his new found abilities he goes after the man who almost dismantled his life. Side note: We think anyone that gained super powers by getting experimented on would go after the person who is in charge of the harsh change. Any way this story is based on marvels comic non traditional anti-hero. Which was directed by Tim Miller who also did A Gentlemen’s Duel, Rockfish and was nominated for Academy Award for Best Short Film (Animated). There is more on Till Miller if your interested

Are you curious as to when the awesome movie will be coming out, well February  12, 2016 is the date and you can score your Deadpool movie tickets sooner rather than later so you don’t have to wait in that line or get there 3 hours early just to get good seats. We love this movie trailer and we have more to come so stick around, also look for some up coming movie reviews! You can Get your tickets on Fandango now!

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