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MADDNESS AKA L.A Beat The Odds By Turning To Music And Is Now A Rising Star

L.A. aka Maddness lived a rough life on the move between foster homes in a domestic violence environment, but was mainly raised by his grandmother that has blessed him with great values.  Although his birth mother couldn’t be the parental figure in his life, she is in his heart always for all the best that she has tried to do.  Maddness for the most part had to learn the do’s and don’ts from the streets the rest of the way.  He was inspired musically by Curtis Mayfield, 2Pac, and Michael Jackson.  At an early age, music seem to be a great outlet away from the negativity that he has seen on a daily basis.  His neighborhood held talent shows so the aspiring young could display their hidden talents.  After he saw the reaction of the crowd when he recorded his first song, Maddness became very passionate about his craft. 
Check him out:

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