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Aaron Mazarati Giving You His Most Polished and Honest Work Yet!

Los Angeles based Hip Hop artist, Aaron Mazarati, presents his highly anticipated 3rd project, an EP titled Torn. The eight song project is A. Mazarati’s most polished and honest work to date. The EP is a personal ride as AM takes listeners through his world of relationships and their ridiculous stages.
Growing up in Hippyville USA- Portland, OR area, Aaron Mazarati developed a unique appreciation of art and the love it extrudes. As a youngin’, he made constant weekend trips three hours North to see his mother in Seattle, WA, so one might say he’s from both major cities in the Pacific Northwest. 
His Music:
“You Were Wrong”- This song right here is a salute to anyone that thought thinking outside of the white picket fence was a bad idea. I know there’s a lot of us out here with this same battle and I wanted to let them know they aren’t alone on that. F ’em, do you.
“LA LA LAnd”- On the flight from PDX to LAX, on my official move to Los Angeles, I busted out my favorite Pilot G-2 pen and wrote this banger while heavily influenced by The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back To Cali”. Ever since that flight, the song has grown to be one of my more beloved joints yet.
“Never Done This Before”- Growing up, on Mondays my boys and I used to catch up and exchange slay stories from the weekend. After a while it started to become a joke because it seemed every beautiful female we were with drop this same line or some variation of it.

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