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Adam Matthew Smith Has His Music In Films And Is Loved In Multiple Countries

Bio by Kristen Arnett
From an early age, Adam Matthew Smith has dabbled in a variety of expressive forms, spanning the gamut from piano and guitar to painting and the graphic arts. He is a writer and lyricist who is focused on developing interesting content, putting that same originality into his scoring. His work displays ambient, ethereal tones as well as darker, experimental rhythms. These themes are rooted in nostalgia and romance, but are also paired alongside reflection and solitude. Above all, his work strives for honesty.
Adam’s solo career began with instructional jazz and blues guitar, but his passions quickly shifted into constructing more aggressive rock-based compositions. These interests guided the formation of the band Mercury Frost (1998-2003), which allowed him to shift his writing to a heavier, darker sound. Immediately after this project came After the Silence (2003), a solo endeavor which allowed Adam to focus more on his interest in conjuring original compositions. From the darker sounds of Mercury Frost and his solo experimental work emergedOur Divided Fortune (2004-2007). During its four year tenure, Our Divided Fortune played many shows and multiple events, including Florida Music Festival. They were also a headlining band for the well-known Anti-Pop Music Festival its first couple of years. After the members of Our Divided Fortune went their separate ways, Adam focused again on his solo work.
Keiko (2007) allowed Adam to create more elaborate compositions, producing richer, ambient rhythms, and constructing lyrics rooted in personal experience. One of the tracks from this DIY compilation, “The Amber Light,” was showcased as an extended scored version for the indie film In Camera. During this time, Adam wrote and played guitar for She Can’t Breathe (2008), a band that eventually presented “When the Way is Forgotten” to Warner Brothers Records in Los Angeles. The urge to create original solo work was still present, however, so Adam went back to work on Keiko. He co-produced “Speechless in Sleepless Dreams” (2010), his romantic tragedy concept album, with Cameron Mizell of Chango Studios. This album was favorably reviewed by critics, and drew public interest in multiple countries. Mark Dodds of Brink Magazine called it a “must-be-heard-album” and claimed “Keiko’s prominent voice carries you on a journey of timeless love truths.”
Presently, Adam is hard at work on his self-titled project. His current compositions include the upcoming “A Beautiful Day For Bad Feelings,” “Oneironaut,” and “Mono No Aware.” This work has expanded on his interest in ambient music, including soundscapes and creative scoring. The music is organic and multi-instrumentalist, allowing for variance and displaying Adam’s dynamic ability to synthesize thought and feeling.
The 5-song debut EP “A Beautiful Day For Bad Feelings” showcase Adam Matthew Smith’s
knack for song-writing. Contrasted with past music projects such as Keiko, it is a soft, melancholic,
piano and acoustic based sound. Stay tuned for his early 2016 debut release!
EP Song Titles:
1 Traveling Without Moving
2 A Beautiful Day For Bad Feelings
3 Within Your Walls
4 Ghosts Of Our Former
5 Yours That Was
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